The ineffable plan

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Did you know that Mairon/Sauron really is redhead and only redhead? (blonde/rainbow is allowed for number of episodes) Another arts are great and can’t be criticized itself but it’s definitely not Sauron, maybe Ar Pharazon, Elendil etc.

Does that mean I’m tumblr famous now?

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The demo is live!



We just put the download links here.

You now have access to the full version of Crossfire – chapter 1! Meet the soldiers you’ll have to work with, explore the political context the story is set into, and see if you can find some hints of romance ~ Do you think you can help Erwin survive this mission?

Let me state again that this is a demo and we’d love to hear your feedback to improve the game and make it better! Also, don’t hesitate to spread the word across the fandom to people who might be interested!

If you have any trouble running the game, let us know. Some know issues are already explained on the download page.

And now… have fun everyone!

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The demo release is close now! Before you can get your hands on the game, I can give you some screenshots ;) I hope you’re as excited as we are :D

Every Caryl moment: Caryl in seasons 3, 4 and 5 premieres

No Sanctuary

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They don’t get to live. It’s not over till they’re all dead.

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